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Delta's program is no longer competetive with those of other airlines, and we believe that this will drive away customers.  Basically, we support Delta. We don't want to see our favorite airline destroy itself.  - Bruce Schobel

Delta has recently made numerous changes to the SkyMiles program. The pre-9/11 benefits scheme offered by SkyMiles was predicated upon certain revenue/cost expectations. Because of the drop in revenue (which was largely due to cutbacks in corporate travel spending), Delta and other airlines had (and continue to have) no choice but to realign benefits with the new revenue and cost expectations.

It's not that Delta doesn't want to offer benefits to its customers -- the problem is that it cannot afford to when companies have slashed travel expenditures by over 50% in many cases. The old business model simply doesn't work anymore. Delta is one of a few airlines that has realized this and is changing. In the process, they have created a new definition of what a "best customer" is.

Delta Air Lines is a business. In the end, they try to make money. And if that means giving out less upgrades to some folks because they don't buy full fares, they're going to do that. There is a smaller pie to go around and hence Delta is recalculating how large a slice everyone gets. Some folks will benefit and others will not. That is the simple economic reality. You would do the same if it was your business.


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